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The most striking aspect of Tokyo is its versatility. The diversity of the place is simply amazing – from the brightly-lit entertainment districts to the tranquil gardens, or from futuristic skyscrapers to the small traditional shrines and temples, Tokyo has everything. There’s no shortage of things to do and see in Tokyo.

Sightseeing: For a glimpse of Tokyo’s history and the traditional way of life, the Imperial Palace and the area to the north and east of it is the place to be. Modern Tokyo lies to the south and west of the Palace. For a look at a truly futuristic Tokyo, there’s the Tokyo Teleport Town, a group of artificial islands in Tokyo Bay billed to become Tokyo's 'Waterfront Town for the Twenty-First Century'. Some popular sights and landmarks of Tokyo include the Tokyo Tower, The National Diet Building, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices, the Tokyo International Forum, Opera City to name just a few. Then there is the wide range of both first-class and unique museums, numerous art galleries, parks, shrines and temples.

Outdoor Activities: Several outdoor activities can also be enjoyed in Tokyo – including bicycling, golf, hiking, and tennis. Tennis is the most popular sport among the young of Tokyo, with over 100 tennis courts in Roppongi alone. Bicycling is mainly done on the riversides, with bike paths alongside all the city’s rivers. For hiking there are the beautiful mountains outside of Tokyo while walking and jogging are common in the city’s many parks and gardens. Skiing is also popular with many skiing places close to the city. For those who love swimming and surfing, there are the beaches in the vicinity of Tokyo. Other aquatic adventures can be enjoyed by the side of the Sumida River.

Cruises: Rides on cruise boats along the Sumida River and on the Tokyo Bay is a popular activity during the warm weathers. Visitors can enjoy old and new buildings along the river on the Sumida River cruise as the boat passes under 12 unique bridges. At night the bridges are illuminated and the reflection of lights on the river brings a romantic mood to the cruise. During March-April the cherry blossoms along the river banks are a sight not to be missed.

Other Activities: Other popular activities of Tokyo include shopping, Mount Fuji or Disneyland tours, a visit to a Kabuki (traditional Japanese theater), relaxing in a sento (public bath) or onsen (hot spring), or going for a long scenic drive outside the city. A Japanese tea ceremony or flower arranging are other activities not to be missed.

Think of an activity and Tokyo has it. A visitor to Tokyo is never bored.

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