Tokyo Job Opportunities


If you intend coming to Tokyo to work, a good understanding of the job market is necessary. In other words, you need to know the job opportunities available, who is hiring and what the correct and legal procedure to be followed is. So, do a lot of research before anything else. The best places to find information on the job market and job opportunities in Tokyo is the Japanese embassy in the country of your residence, and the internet.


If you first come to Tokyo , and then look for a job, you may do that as well. But then you need to remember this it is illegal to work on a tourist or student visa. You first need to acquire a work visa, usually from the sponsor.


The factors that a potential employer looks into, are basically the same as anywhere else your qualifications, experience, and age. If you have a technical degree, it might be a little easier to find a job than if you had a non-technical degree. If you can speak a little Japanese, that usually helps.


Some of the best sources to find information on job opportunities in Tokyo are:



The Internet:


The best place to start is the internet. There are several sites available that besides listing all the online recruiting agencies, also give all the other information required benefits, remunerations, procedures to be followed, government rules and regulations, visa processes, housing, and so on. Following are a few of the links to get you started:


JETRO ( Japan External Trade Organization)


Japan Web Guide


Townpage ( Japan yellow pages in English)


Escape Artist Japan


Tokyo Connections


Tokyo Employment



Friends in Tokyo :


If you have friends in Tokyo , they can be an ideal source of information. Being in Tokyo , they know the place, the opportunities, and the procedures. They can even help you find jobs, make travel arrangements, arrange housing, and give you tips on the local culture and ways.





If you are already in Tokyo , then newspapers are a good source. Everyday there are lots of advertisements of all the job openings in the city. Japan Times , the English language daily is the most easily available and has most of the advertisements. The Monday edition is reserved for job openings, mainly for foreigners. It is best to buy the newspaper early as they are usually all finished by 10-11 am and the demand for jobs is so much that usually by the end of the day, the positions are almost all filled.



Information Centers:


This is also for those who are already in Tokyo . There are quite a few information centers in the city that can help you find a job. They usually have all the information on job openings, will guide you through the application process, have copying facilities for resumes, as well as computers which you can use to type or send your applications. Naturally they charge a fee for their services.

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